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“The highest form of leadership is what I call Heroic Leadership – living a life of noble purpose, honorable aspiration, right action, and a commitment to something greater than oneself.”
– Paul Callan

“We mistakenly think of leadership as if it were a coat: something we put on at 8 am and take off at 4 pm. For leaders, that coat never comes off!”
– Paul Callan

Millennials currently account for about 25% of the American workforce. But they will grow to 50% of the workforce by 2030.

“Paul Callan is the most influential leader, mentor, and teacher I have ever worked with in my 27 years of company experience. If you are looking for someone to improve your company, Paul is the best you will find.”
– Scott M.

Teaching The Perennial Cycles of Life and Leadership

The Callan Course Advantage: