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Our Approach

The Callan Course™ is anchored on our commitment to heroic leadership and the building of ethos, esprit, and elan within organizations. For individual leaders—we inspire self-discipline, virtue, and resiliency. For organizations, we create cohesion and continuity for lasting excellence. What distinguishes The Callan Course are the Callan Leadership Model and Callan Method — Paul’s teaching construct that generates the “next generation” of leaders to whom the mantle of responsibility can be confidently passed.


We understand that each organization is unique.  We recognize you have unique challenges, experiences, structure, and culture. Because of this, we tailor our material to meet your unique needs and goals.


The Callan Course™ is available as a stand-alone event or can be combined with others formats to help provide a long-term solution for you. We offer seminars, keynote or capstone addresses, workshops, curriculums, leadership incubators, and other forms of customized mentoring and coaching. For more information on the types of training offered by The Callan Course, please visit our Versions of The Callan Course page, our Curriculum page, and our Focused Presentation Topics page.