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Hire Paul to Speak

Paul SpeakingYou want to re-invigorate passion in your organization. You have a good team and you’re proud of the work they do. But, as an organization, you are struggling with creating a true culture of leadership – a climate of elevated performance.

Here’s the good news: You can create this culture of leadership in your organization!

A culture of leadership is a talent mindset attracting the best and brightest, cultivating champions, and creating a life-cycle of heroic leadership.

With the guidance of Paul Callan and his lessons on heroic leadership, you can create the vision, ethos, and cornerstone elements to build your organization on the sturdy shoulders of masterful leaders.


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What Other People Are Saying


“Not being in a leadership position now, I feel like I do have the confidence and skill set now based on what I’ve learned from Paul.”

– Administrative personnel, Orange County Fire Authority


Paul Speaking at OCTA“Wow! Your team hit a grand slam! Exactly what the audience wanted and needed. Many want more of the same.”

– Human Resources Director, Orange County Transportation Authority


“I think [Paul]’s amazing. He talks in a way that’s easy to follow. I like his use of metaphors because it helps me to understand things he’s teaching in a different way.”

– SDSU US Army Student


“Each time I left the class, it sort of lit a flame under me, and I would leave and move forward from here very inspired.”

– Battalion Chief, Orange County Fire Authority


“The students enjoyed the presentation and took a lot home. You definitely made them think!”

– Director of the Carolina Leadership Initiative, University of South Carolina


“He, himself, is a great leader … he’s very easy to listen to, the course is fun, and it’s an enjoyable course.”

– SDSU US Army Student

Paul Speaking at CSUSM



Paul has four premier keynote speeches tailored for your audience:

The Hero’s Journey: The Path to a Heroic Life

Journey WheelThis session demonstrates the metaphorical path that all leaders must traverse to fully develop self-leadership, individual mastery, heroic aspirations, and then a personal commitment to share wisdom with others.

The three key takeaways for this session are:

  • Develop a Heroic Leadership Paradigm to set you apart as a high-impact leader
  • Learn the key truths to Masterful Leadership – but which rarely get talked about
  • Discover how to create a culture of Heroic Leadership in your company – and then flourish


The Archer’s Stance: How Self-Discipline Leads to Self-Mastery

Archer's StanceThis session describes the criticality of self-discipline to achieving authenticity, deep and lasting impact, and enduring influence as a leader.

The three key takeaways for this session are:

  • Learn why Great Leadership is built on Self-Leadership – and unlock the champion inside you
  • Realize the criticality of Projection, Action, and Reflection – which will separate you from other leaders and other organizations
  • Develop Self-Discipline and a Rich Interior Life – and become significant in your industry


A Place to Stand and a Lever: How Great Leaders Move Their World

Alchemist's LabThis session describes the paradigm of heroic leadership and the alchemy required to create deep significance and enduring excellence.

The four key takeaways for this session are:

  • Learn why “Noble Purpose” provides the key to unlocking passion and motivation in your team
  • Understand how “Honorable Aspiration” moves your people out of their minds and into their hearts – the realm of championship performance
  • Discover why “Right Action” and moral courage are the hallmarks of great leaders
  • Recognize why a “Commitment to Something Greater than Self” is the single most important ingredient to long-term excellence and elevating performance


The Word Behind the Words: Why Ethos Matters Most!

Ethos Iceberg - CallanThis session teaches why Ethos is the cornerstone of all healthy and successful organizations, and how leaders build esprit, resilience, camaraderie, and engagement.

The three key takeaways for this session are:

  • Learn how to develop Ethos as your Organization’s Core – and set yourself apart from your competition
  • Discover how leaders create championship culture and a resilient climate
  • Recognize why creating Cornerstone Principles is the most important obligation for all leaders


If you would like to hire Paul to speak at your next event, please send an email to