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Leadership Curriculum

The Callan Course Leadership Curriculum guides the development of the student as a leader. This course creates a cohesive and dependable growth strategy using five specific phases ranging from leadership art through managerial science. Upon completing the course each student will have the knowledge and skills to excel individually as a leader and work with others to form high-performing teams.

The Curriculum

For specific information and details about the course curriculum and material, please click here to download our PDF brochure: The Callan Course Leadership Curriculum.

The Callan Course Leadership Curriculum is divided into five comprehensive phases:

  • Shape: Set Foundational Concepts, Theories, and Maxims
  • Accelerate: Develop Leaders & Managers
  • Elevate: Create Organizational Excellence
  • Master: Execute Strategy & Measure Performance
  • Transition: Integrate Succession Planning, Mentoring, and Knowledge Transfer

Each phase contains specific units targeting core educational objectives focused on leadership, strategic development, and organizational cohesion. Beyond simply a lecture format, The Callan Course incorporates workbooks, workshops, tutorials, group sessions, case studies, and coaching to further enhance the educational value of the course material.

The five phases are constructed to cover 50 hours of classroom time. These hours can be distributed as needed in weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semester schedules.