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Leadership Incubators

A unique component to Paul Callan’s philosophy is a long-term mentoring construct focused on junior leaders and junior officers called Leadership Incubators.

Our Leadership Incubators serve as dynamic, forwarding leaning, yet risk-free environments. Junior leaders are challenged, forced to think about the next wave of challenges and opportunities, and thus become exposed early in their careers to complex problems, decision making, and higher levels of leadership mastery.

Small groups of 5-10 junior leaders are paired with a group of 3-4 senior, experienced executives from The Callan Course and the parent organization in a year-long apprenticeship relationship.  Meeting once per month, the Leadership Incubators focus on compelling case studies, battle studies, and staff rides to explore real-world leadership examples. The goal is to deeply immerse the students into the actual situations and challenges, and virtually expose them to the leadership problems, decision points, considerations, and impacts.

The 12-Unit Leadership Incubator focuses on case studies in the following areas:

  • Lessons in Radical Self Leadership
  • Strategy Design and Execution
  • Planning (Deliberate and Crisis Action)
  • Executive Decision Making
  • Building and Sustaining Ethos
  • Change and Adaptation
  • Resilience and Mental Toughness
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Mentoring and Succession Planning
  • Metrics and Measures
  • Team Building and Cohesion
  • Creating Influence and Innovation

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