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Strategy Development

The Callan Course can assist your organization in developing comprehensive, effective, and executable strategies to attain your vision and end states. Paul Callan has advanced degrees in National Security Strategy and Strategic Planning, coupled with years of strategic planning in the military and corporate sectors. Paul directly supports you to develop the following key elements of Strategy Design:

Strategy Statement  We help you build an overarching strategy statement that inspires, galvanizes, and focuses core end states, goals, and objectives. This strategy statement will inform and instruct its subordinate documents (Campaign Plan and Execution Roadmap) and will reflect key features such as: The Leader’s Vision Statement; The Leader’s Planning Guidance; Key Planning Factors; Risk and Opportunity Assessments; and Key Goals, Objectives, and Supporting Tasks.

Campaign Plan  Once the Strategy Statement is completed, we help you build a campaign Plan that operationalizes the Strategy. The Campaign Plan takes all of the foundational elements listed in the Strategy Statement and distills them into a fully aligned, synchronized, and cohesive plan. The purpose of the Campaign Plan is to centralize planning and decentralize execution to maximize speed, velocity, momentum, and most importantly—create unity of purpose and effort within your workforce.

Execution Roadmap  We also build an Execution Roadmap that supports the Campaign Plan and creates a clear linkage and correlation of End States, to Goals, to Objectives, to Tasks. Moreover, the Execution Roadmap contains key decision points and incorporates key metrics  to help leaders assess performance, progress, cost, schedule, and timeline.

Together, the Strategy Statement, Campaign Plan, and Execution Roadmap create the disciplined planning and formal tools which, in turn, unleashes focused energy, dispersed yet orchestrated actions, and ultimately—on time and on target results.

Moreover, this Strategy Framework has the added benefit of providing a comprehensive method, and product, for briefing external constituents, board of directors, or shareholders; assisting fund-raising enterprises; and articulating to the media the key messages and objectives of the organization’s strategy to gain interest and generate momentum.

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