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What is The Callan Course?

The Callan Course operationalizes Paul’s leadership philosophy through The Callan Leadership Model and The Callan Method. 

The Callan Leadership Model is a phased teaching system that guides students along a proven path of leadership development. The Callan Leadership Model has five distinct phases (click on each phase title for a full description of the training material):

  • Shape: Set Foundational Concepts, Theories, and Maxims
  • Accelerate: Develop Leaders & Managers
  • Elevate: Create Organizational Excellence
  • Master: Execute Strategy & Measure Performance
  • Transition: Integrate Succession Planning, Mentoring, and Knowledge Transfer

Each phase contains specific units targeting core educational objectives. The Callan Leadership Model covers leadership art through managerial science.

The Callan Method. To execute the Callan Leadership Model, Paul employs The Callan Method – a system linking Paul’s style of instruction and student progress. The initial phases are presented through a “Teaching” style that gives the student foundational leadership knowledge. The middle phases are presented through a “Coaching” style, allowing the student to interact and apply advanced leadership skills. The final phase is presented through a “Guiding” style, encouraging the students to use their skills and fulfill their leadership development.

Learning Progression. Each student is guided along a path combining both directive and reflective development. Each phase builds on the previous one, providing the student with a cohesive leadership development cycle ranging from learning, to doing, to mentoring.