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Versions of the Callan Course

Seminars: Seminars are designed to engage medium-to-large audiences in a dynamic learning environment, located in a professional venue at or near the client’s headquarters, and focusing on full spectrum learning of and exposure to the Callan Method. Seminars can be tailored and customized in content, time, and application.

Workshops: Paul Callan facilitates teaching and group instruction on Callan Course material in a setting that is smaller and more intense than seminar presentations. In Callan Course Workshops, attendees actively participate in dynamic discussions and practice skills under Paul’s guidance and instruction.

Keynote and Capstone Presentations: As a component of a client’s off-site meeting or conference, Paul Callan presents tailored, selected presentations with the goal of motivating or inspiring listeners into action. Also as a component of a client’s agenda, Paul Callan can deliver the final, culminating presentation at the end of a class, conference, or other expert-driven event. For a list of specific, focused presentation topics, please see our Topics Page.

Leadership Curriculum: As a component of an academic environment we provide a full 50-hour course curriculum. This curriculum creates a logical growth strategy using five specific phases ranging from leadership art through managerial science. Upon completing the course students will have the knowledge and skills to excel as a leaders and work with others to form high-performing teams. For more information and details, please see our Curriculum Page.

Executive Coaching: Paul Callan will travel to the client’s work site to engage in tailored, targeted training for the Chief Executives and executive teams. Paul Callan has developed innovative models and training agendas tailored specifically to the challenges and opportunities unique to top executives.

Mentoring: To augment a previous seminar and more fully teach core concepts, Paul Callan will travel to the client’s work site and work one-on-one with select individuals on tailored and targeted leadership topics. Mentoring sessions provide guidance and personalized facilitation challenging the client to move beyond their comfort zone and capability level.

Command Group Training: For Military Organizations, Paul Callan has developed a comprehensive leadership training program for Commanders, Command Groups, and Command Elements. Centered on an intensive, one-day seminar combined with follow-on, targeted workshops, the Command Group Training program effectively teaches these four key attributes of effective command: (1) Establishing foundations for success; (2) Sustaining success across time; (3) Envisioning core challenges and measures of performance; (4) Implementing effective strategy.

Leadership Incubators: A unique component to Paul Callan’s philosophy is a longer-term mentoring construct focused on junior leaders and junior officers called Leadership Incubators. Paul Callan’s Leadership Incubators serve as dynamic, forwarding leaning, yet risk-free environments in which junior executives are challenged, forced to think about the next wave of challenges and opportunities, and thus become exposed early in their careers to higher levels of mastery.

Strategy Development: Paul Callan will work with Military Commanders and Chief Executives to develop highly effective strategies, campaign plans, roadmaps, and execution frameworks. Based on Paul’s education in Strategic Planning and experience in developing and orchestrating high-tempo operations, Paul’s proven planning methods create highly agile, responsive, and executable designs.